2.02 Borrowing Privileges

The Coralville Public Library offers free library cards with full privileges to all the library’s resources to residents of Coralville, rural Johnson County, and cities that contract directly with the Library as well as to patrons who reside elsewhere but own property in Coralville.

The Library also offers free library cards to patrons of other libraries in Iowa that participate in the statewide Open Access program for reciprocal borrowing. Some library materials and services may not be available to nonresidents.

Individuals applying for library cards must appear in person at the library and show photo identification and proof of current address. A parent’s identification is sufficient for a child under 14. Address must show house number and street name; post office box numbers are not acceptable. Individuals who are not able to provide identification and proof of address due to homelessness, being in transitional housing, or other circumstances may be able to acquire a temporary borrower’s card.

Borrowers are expected to comply with Coralville Public Library policies, to pay promptly all fines charged against them for overdue materials and for lost or damaged items, and to give notice of change of address or lost or stolen cards.

There is no minimum age required to obtain a Coralville Public Library card, but a parent or guardian signature is required for children under age 14. The parent or guardian of children who have library cards is responsible for the return of materials borrowed by the children, as well as for any subsequent charges of overdue, lost or damaged materials.


Adopted: April 1989
Revised: April 1992
Revised: September 1995
Revised: January 2000
Revised: June 12, 2002
Revised: January 2006
Reviewed: May 2009
Revised: August 2012
Revised:  June 2015