Meeting Room Policies

Meeting Room Use Policy for Non-Library Activities

The Coralville Public Library provides meeting space for library sponsored or co-sponsored programs which meet the library’s goals. When not in use for library-sponsored activities, the rooms are available to other groups under these guidelines:

1. Meeting room facilities are available to local nonprofit organizations and committees whose headquarters are in, or who provide services to residents of Johnson County.

2. Rooms are not available for the benefit of private individuals or profit-making organizations, nor may they be used as study rooms.

3. Meeting rooms are designed for changing events, open to diverse groups, and may not be reserved exclusively for exhibition or display purposes for more than one day.

4. Reservations are granted only for a single meeting or a brief series of meetings extending for no longer than two weeks. Rooms are not intended for use as a regular meeting place.

5. Youth groups (participants under age 18) must have an adult supervisor present at all times.

6. Groups may not make a financial profit from any fees charged for events held in CPL meeting rooms.

7. There is no fee for the use of the meeting rooms, but groups will be charged for labor and materials to cover the cost of damages or if extraordinary clean-up is necessary after use. Fees may also be assessed to groups who schedule a meeting and do not show up without notifying CPL staff that their meeting has been cancelled. (Minimum fee is $10.00.) In addition, groups may be charged for any CPL staff time involved in setting up equipment for a meeting that is cancelled without notifying CPL.

8. Refreshments may be served in meeting rooms. Users must provide their own utensils, coffee pots and supplies. Smoking is prohibited in the library, on the library grounds and in the parking facility. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises without prior approval from the Library Board.

9. In consideration of other library users, meeting attendees are required to park in areas other than the two rows closest to the library of the parking facility.

10. Meeting rooms are available during regular library hours. Some rooms may be available earlier than library opening hours, and meetings may not go beyond library closing time. Reservations for meetings requiring early access to the building require one week of notice. Groups who want to use CPL equipment for their meetings should request equipment at least a week in advance, and should be aware that on shorter notice, equipment or staff may not be available.

11. The Library Board of Trustees neither approves nor disapproves content, topics, subject matter, or points of view of individuals or groups using the meeting rooms.

12. The Library Board of Trustees, employees of the library or the City of Coralville are not responsible for accidents, injury or loss of individuals’ property while using the meeting rooms.

13. Specific rules governing the use of the meeting rooms will be established and supervised by the Library Director and/or designated persons.

Revised: March 2011