September 7, 2016 Minutes

Coralville Public Library Board of Trustees
September 7, 2016

Present: Deborah Hatz, Keith Jones, Lisa Martin, Lindsay Moen, Julie Pulkrabek, Alison Ames Galstad (Library Director), Mitch Gross (City Council Representative).

Absent: Shaner Magalhaes, Jim Smith, Ellen Hampe Alexander (Assistant Library Director).

President Martin called the meeting to order at 6:00.

The Board considered approval of the agenda. Hatz motioned that the agenda be approved, Pulkrabek seconded. The motion passed unanimously.  

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the August 3rd, 2016 meeting. Pulkrabek moved that they be approved with the word “not” removed from the first sentence, Moen seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

The Board considered approval of the bills for August.  Someone asked about the Innovative invoices. This is the renewal of the maintenance for the integrated library system, and also maintenance for the piece that works with Overdrive. There was also a question about the VJ Engineering invoice – this was for the roof meeting; the city will pay but Galstad will continue to monitor who is paying these bills. Pulkrabek moved that the bills be approved as presented, Jones seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  

Galstad updated the Board members on the library strategic planning process.  Heather Woody will have a planning meeting with the Board, the Friends, and the Foundation on Monday October 24th from 4-9pm.  Galstad is still waiting for a definite answer that this works for the Friends.

The Board reviewed the Computer Use and Tablet Use policies.  They were both presented with changes, and the Tablet Use Policy was renamed to Laptop and Tablet Use Policy.  This policy is to cover a cart of ten new laptops recently funded by the Friends.  The intention is to let patrons check them out within the library with no checkout time limits, to be returned by the end of the day. The section in the Tablet Policy about having to have a card for at least 30 days before checking one out was taken out – now the only requirement is having under $5 in fines.  The limitation of not allowing more than two people on a device was removed. In order to verify that the patron is using his/her own card to check out, either a picture ID or a verifying piece of information will be required. #8 is new in the Policy – that use of CPL devices implies that they agree to the Internet Use Policy.  The laptops will have Deep Freeze on them, so will be reset between each use.  Pulkrabek asked about fines/fees.  Galstad will figure out how to add in this information.  Suggested updates to the Computer Use Policy were: limit of two people on a computer was removed, #3 and #6 (old) were removed, and #5 was added.  Jones moved that the policies be revised as presented; Hatz seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.  

Galstad gave a report from the Friends of the Library.  She attended the Friends last meeting and discussed the strategic planning process with them, they were very receptive.  The Friends recently gave $5000 to support Summer Reading programs. They are beginning to see a return on their effort of sending books to Better World Books.  CPL staff members are working on getting extra keys to the Friends room made.   

The Foundation will meet in November.  

Galstad gave Director's Report: Circulation statistics were steady, the number of people entering the building has increased slightly from last year.
Galstad reported that through an oversight, University Heights has missed payment to us for the past two years.  She has followed up with University Heights, and they were very apologetic.  They sent a check for FY15 & FY16, and Galstad has not yet invoiced them for FY17.

The plan is to wait until all materials have been received before beginning work on the roof repairs.  The metal is due to arrive in September.
Summer Reading Program final numbers were:
2811 total registered for all programs, 1363 completed.
Kids – 1941 registered, 960 completed (up from last year)
Teens – 343 registered, 192 completed (up from last year)
Adults 530 participated, 211 completed (slightly down from 2015).

CPL has recently been involved in:
The street dance on 5th street (had a table with a craft and coloring books)
The Old Town Hall dedication
Playvolution – will have a cardboard build on the law Monday September 12th at 6pm.

September is National Library Card Signup Month, and we are collecting Food for Fines.
Banned Books Week is the week of September 25th – we’ll have the live reading display again this year (taking volunteers!), and the Larry Baker reading at the CCPA on September 29th at 7pm.
On October 5th we’ll have Chad Lewis doing his “Paranormal Iowa” program.
October 6th will be the presentation of the Paul Engle Award to Roxane Gay at CPL at 7pm.
The Iowa City Book Festival is Oct. 7-9th.
Teen Read Week is the week of October 9th.
The Iowa Library Association Conference will be October 12-14 in Dubuque.
October 16th is National Friends of the Library week.
October 24th will be the joint strategic planning meeting.  

Martin noted that the Epleys recently moved to Pleasant View Home at the end of June.

The next meeting will be on October 5th, 2016.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Alexander, (from the notes of Deborah Hatz)
Assistant Library Director                     
(Subject to approval at the October 2016 meeting.)