Internet User Agreement

  1. I have read the Coralville Public Library Internet Use Policy and agree to abide by the policy.
  2. I understand that the Library is not responsible for the content, accuracy or validity of any information found on the Internet.  I understand that some information on the Internet may be controversial or offensive.  I agree to take responsibility for my use of the Internet.
  3. I agree to make only legal use of the computer and Internet.  I recognize that unauthorized reproduction or use of material accessed on the Internet may be a criminal offense under the U.S. Copyright Act.
  4. I agree to pay any repair or replacement costs of equipment or software damaged by myself or by minors for whom I am responsible.
  5. I understand that the library is not responsible for any damage to removable media (floppy diskettes, CDs, DVDs, USB devices, etc.) due to system malfunction or for any other reason.
  6. I understand that if I fail to abide by the Coralville Public Library Internet Policy, I will lose my privilege of computer use and Internet access.

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Adopted: November 1997
Revised: October 1999
Revised: January 2000
Revised: January 2006
Revised: March 2007
Revised: April 2013