4.03 Complaints about Library Resources

Concerns or complaints about library resources should be directed to the Library Director. If the concern is not resolved through discussion with the Director, the complainant will be offered a Statement of Concern About Library Resources form. Upon receipt of the completed Statement of Concern, the following procedures will be followed.

    1. The Library Director and the librarian responsible for selecting the material, or other library resource such as programs, displays, etc., will reconsider the material identified in the Statement of Concern. This review will include an evaluation of the reasons for selecting the material, published professional reviews when available, the information provided by the complainant, and review of the Collection Development and Materials Selection Policy.
    2. The Library Director will decide whether to retain or withdraw the questioned resource, and communicate in writing that decision to the complainant. The Library Director's response will include the procedure for appealing his or her decision.
    3. If the complainant believes the Director's response is inadequate, a written appeal may be made to the Board of Trustees. The appeal will be considered at an open meeting of the Board of Trustees, with comment welcomed from the complainant and other interested citizens. No decision on the appeal will be made at that board meeting.
    4. The Board's decision to retain or withdraw the questioned resource will be made at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees. Their decision will be communicated in writing to the complainant.

The Coralville Public Library adheres to the principles contained in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement, and has appended these documents to relevant library policies. In considering a complaint, the Library will seek support from other groups who support intellectual freedom, such as the local media, the Iowa Library Association's Intellectual Freedom Committee, and the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom.

Adopted: August 1986
Reviewed: July 1989
Reviewed: May 1992
Revised: August 1996
Reviewed: January 2000
Reviewed: May 2009
Reviewed: August 2012