2.06 Bulletin Board and Pamphlet Rack Policy

The purposes of the library’s bulletin boards and pamphlet racks are:

  1. To call attention to local activities, events and official notices; and
  2. To dispense free information about local activities and nonprofit organizations.

The library may accept material from any nonprofit organization, including churches, schools (preschool through university), and city and county governments.

The library will not accept lost-and-found notices, notices for free items (kittens, puppies, etc.), or personal advertising (products, apartments for rent, etc.). The library will not accept containers for collections.

Information to be posted or stocked in pamphlet racks must be suitable for general public viewing by all age groups. The library reserves the right to refuse notices or pamphlets if the content is lacking in current interest or informative value, or otherwise fails to meet the guidelines in this policy.

Posting or stocking items does not imply library endorsement of content, nor will the library accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements made in such materials.

Items for the bulletin boards or pamphlet racks should be submitted to library staff. Items will be added and withdrawn as space allows, with consideration given to the timing of events and the length of time that items have been displayed.

Adopted: September 1985
Reviewed: July 1989
Revised: December 1992
Revised: May 1996
Reviewed: January 2000
Revised: May 2004
Reviewed: May 2009
Reviewed: April 2012