1.06 Personnel Policies

All employees of the Coralville Public Library are administrative employees of the City of Coralville, and must adhere to the rules, regulations and policies outlined in the City of Coralville Personnel Manual. Every employee receives a Manual at the beginning of employment at the Library.

The City of Coralville Personnel Manual includes, but in not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity, employment at will, recruitment and appointment procedures;
  2. Employee performance, probation, salary schedule, termination procedures;
  3. Work schedule, overtime, holidays and vacation;
  4. Leaves of absence, including sick leave, injury on the job, funeral leave, jury duty, military leave, and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993;
  5. Insurance, including hospital and medical, life, and disability; light duty;
  6. Residency requirements, off-duty employment, drug-free workplace, employee assistance program, educational incentive pay, safety.

The Manual empowers the individual City departments to establish rules and regulations for the efficient operation of the department. The following employment conditions apply to the Coralville Public Library:

Hours of Operation

The Library is open to the public 61.5 hours per week, and is staffed an additional 13 hours per week. Full-time employees work eight hours per day and five days each week, and may be required to work two evenings per week, and Saturday instead of Friday. Such work is considered part of the regular work schedule and no night- or weekend-differential pay is authorized. Regular, part-time employees may be required to work two evenings per week, and Saturday instead of Friday.

Adopted: August 1996
Reviewed: January 2000
Reviewed: May 2009